As core product of Royoung, it finally achieves outstanding quality through nearly tens of technical improvement since its establishment. Its series products that are sold to a dozen countries adopt latest international standard. we mainly have two types timer, 24 hour mechanical timer and weekly digital timer. 24 hour mechanical timer we also have two types, one type setting time is 15 minutes. another type setting time is 30 minutes. weekly digital timer we also have German, UK French types. Timer Switch can automatically turn on and off the power of various powered devices according to the users setting time. it can set current time, set programs, manual on/auto/manual off setting.random function,CD count down function. It can be widely used in automatic chicken coop door, fish feeder, automatic preheating, light box, neon lights, water heater, water dispenser, fans, cell phone chargers, kitchen appliances, radio, television, street lamp, etc.

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