Multi function Socket

We always pay attention to portability of product and let customer enjoy more convenient products. It is even more so for Multi function socket. Royoung always develops towards intelligent and convenient future home supplies. For the Multi function socket, we also have many types, such as German Type 4 way Control And 4USB Socket, German Type power Meter, German Type wireless Remote control Socket, British Type 5 Way Controll And 4USB Socket, Remote controller and so on. Those Multi function Socket can make your home smarter. For example, German Type 4 way Control And 4USB Socket have 4 USB, you can use it mobile phone charging directly without plug. And Wireless Remote Control Socket can control all the domestic appliance, so as heater, air condition, lights and so on. You only need download APP by mobile phone, then your mobile through APP control all the domestic appliance. For those products, if you have any interesting ,please contact us freely at any time, our company will provide more perfect and high-quality service to our customers.

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