TE01UK-13A introducing


This is British type weekly digital timer,MODEL:TE01UK-13A, With Ni-MH rechargeable battery,  it has 16 ON/OFF per day, Min. Setting time is 1minute, and Max. Setting time is 7 days, 12/24 hours change, its Operating Voltage is 230V/50Hz, the timer Max Current is 13A/10A and Max Power3000W/2300W, it has  random function ,and also "countdown on"and"countdown off function. . Countdown time is100 hours to 1 second., the timer also have power indicator And children protector.

The timer we have got CE.RoHS2.0. REACH, and PAHS Certifications.

Following is ours detailed introducing for this model.

1. Plug the timer into a regular 230 Volts power outlet and turn the power on. Leave for approximately 14 hours to charge the Memory Back-up battery.
2. Clear all current information by pressing RESET button with a sharp object such as a pen or pencil after charging.
3. The timer is now ready to be set up for use.

1. Press CLOCK/CD button and hold, simultaneously press WEEK button until the actual day is displayed. Continue by pressing HOUR or MIN button until the current hour or minute is displayed. When setting, the buttons WEEK, HOUR or MIN can be held down for rapid forward counting.
2. Release both buttons. The week and time will be set.
3. To reset incorrect time, repeat above steps.

TIP: When verifying your programs ensure that the settings do not overlap, especially when using the block option. If there are program settings overlapping, the timer ON or OFF will be executed according to program time, not by program number. Program OFF has the priority over program ON.
1. Press TIMER button and release. LCD shows ON_1. The first ON setting can be made now.
2. Press WEEK button to set the day or block of days. Set the time by pressing HOUR and MIN button.
3. Press TIMER button again to finish the first ON setting and enter into the first OFF setting. LCD shows OFF_1. By repeating 2 to make the first OFF
4. Press TIMER button again to finish the first OFF setting and enter into the 2 nd ON setting. Repeat 2 and 3 to program remaining settings. Press TIMER button and hold for 2 seconds to enter fast advance.
5. After completing settings, press CLOCK/CD button. The timer is ready to operate. EXAMPLE: Timer ON at 17:15 and OFF at 22:30 everyday
a. Press TIMER once and release. LCD displays ON_1
b. Press WEEK till LCD displays "MO,TU,WE,TH,FR,SA,SU"
c. Press HOUR till LCD displays 5:00PM or 17:00
d. Press MIN till LCD displays 5:15PM or 17:15
e. Press TIMER again and release. LCD displays OFF_1
f. Repeat the above b,c and d till LCD displays "MO,TU,WE,TH,FR,SA,SU",10:30PM or 22:30

Operating modes can’t be changed during program settings.
1. Press MODE button to revert the three modes in turn.
2. The programs can only be executed in AUTO mode. When AUTO is selected, the timer operates as the programs. In MANUAL ON or MANUAL OFF mode all programs are ignored and the timer doesn't operate. When MANUAL ON mode is selected, power output is always ON. When MANUAL OFF mode is selected, power output is permanently off. 3. When the mode is turned from MANUAL ON to AUTO, the timer will keep the setting of MANUAL ON until to the next timer setting.

Post time: Jun-12-2023

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